Marley Mellow Mood

What is Marley Mellow Mood?

Mellow Mood is a line of functional relaxation tea-based beverages, which lighten your mood and refresh your mind.

Is Marley Mellow Mood caffeinated?

No, it is caffeine-free.

What makes Marley Mellow Mood functional?

The functionality comes from its all-natural blend of herbs: valerian root, chamomile flower, lemon balm, passionflower, and noble hops. These ingredients are known for their calming and soothing effects.

Will Marley Mellow Mood put me to sleep?

No. Mellow Mood is designed to relax your mind and refresh your body, not put you to sleep.

What is used to sweeten the low calorie and ZERO calorie flavors?

A blend of stevia and erythritol (natural, calorie-free sweeteners found in fruits) is used as the sweetening agent.

Is Marley Mellow Mood safe for children (under 18)?

Parents should use their own discretion. Please refer to the back of the can for the full Mellow Mood ingredient list.

Is Marley Mellow Mood safe to drink these if I am diabetic or pregnant?

Mellow Mood is all-natural, however, consult with your doctor and use your own discretion before consumption.