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Marley Mellow Mood ® is a relaxation tea that inspires stillness and calm. Using natural infusions of chamomile, valerian root, hops, passionflower, and lemon balm, Mellow Mood rehydrates while relieving stress.   

True to Bob Marley's ethos of living naturally, we use ingredients that come from the earth.   

At our core, Mellow Mood believes in improving daily life by lessening anxiety. Our iced tea is naturally decaffeinated, relaxing the mind and body with real ingredients. Antioxidant-rich green and black tea get infused with calming herbs and a hint of cane sugar. Sweetness balances the bold flavor imparted by the herbs.   

Marley Mellow Mood's philosophy is to calm the body and ease the mind. We encourage a life with less stress and more mindfulness.   

Our relaxation tea supports your peaceful inner strength. Here's what goes into making our relaxation tea...  

One Love  

Marley Mellow Mood is created with Bob Marley's family and designed to relax and ease the mind with genuine ingredients.   

Bob Marley's music and teachings still reach millions of people who believe in the power of creativity, nature, and freedom. We make relaxation tea inspired by these principles.    

Mellow Mood is a hand-crafted relaxation tea made from real ingredients and no artificial or chemical additives to celebrate the abundance of plants and herbs born from the natural world.   

Truly Relaxing   

Marley Mellow Mood is brewed with real tea leaves and herbs. Consumers call it "refreshing, light, and all-natural."  

Our relaxation tea gets its power from a naturally decaffeinated 80mg blend of herbs, flowers, and botanicals- all goodness from the earth.   

Mellow Mood's three flavors- Herbal Honey, Peach Raspberry, and Lemon Raspberry- start as calorie-free, decaffeinated green or black tea. The tea is infused with crisp chamomile, passionflower, woodsy valerian root, hops, and citrusy lemon balm. Here's why we use these herbs and flowers:  

-Chamomile is said to have natural calming properties.    

-Passionflower can promote a better quality of sleep and soothe the senses. It's also antioxidant-rich to purify the body.  

-Valerian root is a sleepy-time herb known to simulate relaxation and promote restful slumber. It is also good for digestion and can focus the mind, too.  

-Hops can reduce stress and anxiety while promoting sounder sleep.   

-Lemon balm is said to increase GABA neurotransmitters, calming the mind and charging up brain function.   

Mellow Mood picked this blend for its relaxing properties. These herbs have been relied on by civilizations for hundreds of years. The brewing amounts and method used for Mellow Mood yield a mild tea with uplifting flavors and a mellowing effect.   

The noticeable calm gives you a chance to relax. This active relaxation replenishes the brain and body for more creativity and productivity.   

Sweet, Real Flavors   

Tea without good taste is like a song with no rhythm. Mellow Mood has a delicate but full flavor and comes in three expressions inspired by our favorite teas around the world:   

Herbal Honey, Peach Raspberry, and Lemon Raspberry.   

We focus on highlighting the savory herbs in Mellow Mood with crisp fruit flavor, pear and lemon juice, and a small amount of pure cane sugar.   

Naturally Decaffeinated   

Our customers love that Mellow Mood has no caffeine. As a remedy for anxiety and stress, it's important to use naturally decaffeinated ingredients.  

Mellow Mood is one of the few options for a ready-to-drink tea that doesn't require preparation.  

In hand with being decaffeinated, Mellow Mood also limits sugar; each serving is 40-70 calories. A dash of cane sugar is natural and ripens the flavor of the tea.