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So we heard about this organic energy iced tea called yerba mate. A traditional drink from South America, yerba mate is full of naturally-occurring antioxidants and caffeine for a boost that doesn't cause jitters or crash. One brand that catches a lot of attention was Marley Yerba Mate.

As in Bob Marley, the legendary musician and activist.

bob marley laughing GIF

Marley Yerba Mate uses only USDA certified ingredients and no chemical or artificial additives. Off the bat, we loved the sound of it. After looking at reviews of Marley Yerba Mate on Amazon and Twitter, we were convinced. This iced tea sounds amazing.

Here's what people are saying about Marley Yerba Mate:

It has less sugar.

One Amazon reviewer wrote that Marley Yerba Mate has "Less sugar than other mainstream Yerba Mates."

Their favorite flavor was Ya Mon Mint, made with cooling natural mint flavor for a clean and uplifting taste.  

marley yerba mate review 1

If you drink Yerba Mate regularly you'll know it's difficult finding the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. 

Marley Yerba Mate uses less sugar than other brands- real cane sugar also, not artificial sweeteners- so the taste is satisfying and enjoyable. Earthy, icy, and sweet.

It's a healthy alternative to coffee.

Marley Yerba Mate has been called a "Great alternative to coffee with a little flavor and not too sweet."


The jolt of Marley Yerba Mate is similar to coffee and energy drinks but doesn't produce jitters or a crash. Plus, it's not overloaded with flavors.

People say the caffeine buzz they get from Marley Yerba Mate is one that promotes focus and creativity. There's 150 mg of caffeine in each can so it's perfect for people who love coffee but can't stand the crash or upset stomach.

It gives you extra energy.

As an alternative to coffee, it goes to say that Marley Yerba Mare gives people extra energy.

One Amazon reviewer said:

That clean and sustained energy boost is a result of the natural ingredients. Check the Ingredients on the back of the can; it's all clean label, easy to understand, and from mother nature.

marley yerba mate review

This reviewer's favorite flavor is Jamaican Me Mango, Marley Yerba Mate's most-loved expression. Tangy and sweet mango is blended in fragrant South American yerba mate tea, plus a pinch of sea salt inspired by tropical waves.

The flavors are perfect.

We drink tea, coffee, and energy drinks for the caffeine but also the yummy taste. We're only human, we like drinks that are refreshing and uplifting. (Otherwise we'd be drinking water.).

Marley Yerba Mate drinkers rave about the perfect flavor, which you've already heard a little about. 

One Amazon reviewer wrote:  

marley yerba mate review 2

With a focus on authentic ingredients, Marley Yerba Mate crafts its flavors with attention to highlighting the real taste of yerba mate tea, pairing it with flavors like tropical mango and sea salt, bright raspberry, zesty lemon, and icy sweet mint.

marley yerba mate flavors

The flavors have been hand crafted and tested to ensure the taste is balanced. Considered delicious by hardcore yerba mate drinkers and newbies alike.

True to Bob Marley's ethics.

Marley Yerba Mate is made with the Marley Family to ensure the taste and principles of this drink are aligned with the ethics of Bob Marley himself. And you can taste it. 

Marley Yerba Mate is earthy, energizing, and bold. It's a similar vibe to listening to Bob Marley's music.

This Twitter user said, 

marley yerba mate review 3

You could say Marley Yerba Mate is a #mood.

Our new go-to energy drink.

bob marley reggae GIF

Marley Yerba Mate has become our go-to energy drink. It can be enjoyed in the morning before work or in the evening on the way to a concert. The energy is clean and uplifting, inspired by an absolute legend. 

Here are 10 things we love about this tea, and think you will too.