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to inspire and elevate the human spirit.

NEW AGE is a purpose-driven brand portfolio, committed to inspiring and elevating the human spirit. While our core function is to deliver healthy alternatives to the planet, we believe companies have a responsibility to positively impact society and function as global agents of change. Our goal is to inspire positive shifts in the lives of those we reach by providing best-in-class ‘Better for You’ products & valuable content that motivates people to take ownership of their health and radically pursue their life’s purpose.

Key Values

Always Refining. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. Achieving clarity of purpose is the first step in creating your ideal reality, every action and interaction flows from a deeply held vision of how you want to live.


Always Moving Forward. If you can conceive it, consider it within reach. A commitment to personal growth arms us with the mindset to navigate our complex & challenging lives. Invest in yourself, success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.


Always in the Moment. Embrace reality, and take ownership for your life. Live with intention and find joy & fulfillment in the day-to-day grind. Everyone has something to be grateful for, be content in the here and now.

JUNE 2016

Búcha Live Kombucha acquires Xing Tea, Aspen Pure, and Colorado distribution powerhouse to form New Age Beverages Corporation.


New Age adds a global brand platform to the family, acquiring Marley Beverage Company and expanding the portfolio to four individual brands with over 8 product lines.

MARCH 2017

New Age acquires Coco Libre, the leading multi-serve coconut water brand, with sparkling, original, and protein offerings – giving New Age a hold in all key growing beverage segments.

JUNE 2017

The New Age Health Sciences Division is born, with the acquisition of Premier Micronutrient Corporation. Gaining a dozen patents, New Age solidifies an extensive IP portfolio to shape the future of ‘functional beverages’.

JULY 2017

New Age rolls out a suite of new products, launching Coco Libre Sparkling, Shelf-Stable Búcha Live Kombucha, Marley Yerba Mate, Marley Cold Brew, ‘NHANCED Recovery, Xing Craft Brew, and WATERisLIFE.


New Age rebrands itself, revamps its mission, launches the HEALTHY model, and establishes its inaugural content platform (The Scroll) — beginning its next phase of growth as a thought leader in the health-conscious, personal growth space.


NewAge announces merger with Morinda Holdings, Inc., expanding organizational capabilities and creating a unique omni-channel route-to-market with access to over 60 countries worldwide. Morinda’s flagship product, Tahitian Noni, has over $8B in cumulative sales primarily sold via an auto-ship e-commerce model.

MAY 2019

NewAge announces launch of breakthrough noni + collagen product in China, ultimately expanding the product to several other global markets.

JUNE 2019

NewAge merges with Brands Within Reach, LLC (BWR) to expand retail footprint and product portfolio. BWR has licenses to leading global brands to the likes of Nestea, illy, Evian, and Volvic Natural Spring Water.