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Corporate Social Responsibility

New Age is a purpose-driven Company, and we believe our commitment to being an agent of change on a global scale extends beyond our core function of providing healthier alternatives. Our partnership with leading global water charity WATERisLIFE is still in its infancy, but we intend to achieve two primary goals 1) raise awareness for the cause itself (nearly 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water), and 2) play an integral role in funding solutions around the world.

These core objectives led us to the creation of the first ‘100% profits donated’ bottled water product, of which ALL proceeds go directly back to WATERisLIFE. Outside of the product itself, New Age commits resources (both human & financial) on a yearly basis to building the WATERisLIFE brand and doing our part to fund SunSpring (completely self-contained, solar/wind-powered portable water treatment plants) installations around the world. To learn more, visit – and if you or any of your peers want to get involved, reach out to, or