Marley Cold Brew

How is cold brew different than iced coffee?

Cold Brew is made without heat, which creates lower acidity and less bitterness, and delivers a smoother, naturally sweeter-tasting product. Meanwhile, iced coffee is brewed conventionally with heat, then cooled thereafter, and retains the bitterness and high acidity that cold brew is able to eliminate.

What makes Jamaican coffee special?

Jamaican coffee is especially delicious because of growing environment that is unique to the region. The unusual volcanic soil and cool conditions require its coffee plants to take up to 10 months from bloom to harvest, which is almost twice as long as in some other harvesting countries.

How much caffeine is there in one serving of Marley Cold Brew?

There are 180mg naturally occurring caffeine per serving (which is one can).

What kind of beans are used in Marley Cold Brew?

Only Arabica beans are used in Marley Cold Brew. These beans tend to have a sweeter and softer (less-harsh) flavor than Robusta beans, with the presence of fruit and berry undertones, as well.

Where do the calories in Marley Cold Brew come from?

The calories come from pure cane sugar, of which only a small amount is used as the only sweetener system in the product.

Where does the protein in Marley Cold Brew come from?

The protein is naturally occurring in the beverage and is extracted from the beans, as free and bound proteins account for roughly 10 to 13% of the coffee's dry matter before the beans are filtered out of the end product.